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Shared Hosting Plans Overview – Linux


  • Disk space - 1 GB
  • Monthly Data Transfer

    3000 GB
  • MySQL Database - Enabled
  • Email Boxes - 100
  • SEO Tools - Enabled
$6.95 Per Month

Venus (Best Seller)

  • Disk space - 5 GB
  • Monthly Data Transfer

    5000 GB
  • MySQL Database - Enabled
  • Email Boxes - 500
  • SEO Tools - Enabled
$7.95 Per Month


  • Disk space - Unlimited
  • Monthly Data Transfer
  • MySQL Database - unlimited
  • Email Boxes - Unlimited
  • SEO Tools - Enabled
$12.95 Per Month

Which Hosting Platform Should I go for?

Our Web Hosting Packages have been designed to include powerful tools by which your business or personal website can be defined. Popular programming languages, automatic blog installations and 99.99% Uptime ensuring your website is always available and you never miss a single customer.

Linux Hosting Vs. Windows Hosting

A Common question that we face almost daily is which type of Hosting is right for a person or a Company. We discuss it below to assist you in making your decision. If you feel you have any questions or simply wish to get anything clarified, please call us or request a call using the Call-Back feature.

Why We recommend Linux

For us, Linux is free, which is more affordable than Windows therefore allowing us to pass on those savings to you so you pay a smaller amount. Linux has diverse scripting language support. Whether you require Perl, Python, PHP or Ruby on Rails, our Linux servers support them all.

Why We recommend Windows

Many of our customers think they need to get their website hosted on a Windows Platform because their PC uses Windows. This is not so. A Windows Server is different from a Windows Desktop and interaction with the server would be either through FTP, Terminal Login or our award winning WebsitePanel. The biggest advantage of Windows over Linux is the popularity of powerful scripts such as ASP and .NET. The only disadvantage if Windows is usually the cost involved.

Final Verdict?

Who emerges the winner? That is up to you. If you need to use scripting such as ASP or .NET then you need to use a Windows web hosting platform. Otherwise, you should be absolutely fine with the more popular and cheaper Linux Web Hosting Platform

All our Servers Feature:

CPanel: The award winning Control Panel for Linux

This is one control panel you are sure to fall in love with. Website owners are offered with easy-to-use, powerful tools that perform essential tasks quickly, easily, and reliably.

WebsitePanel: The award winning Control Panel for Windows

WebsitePanel is a complete control panel to automate the provisioning of a full suite of services on Windows servers. The powerful, flexible open source WebsitePanel platform gives you a simple point-and-click control over Windows Server applications including IIS, SQL Server, Exchange 2010, Sharepoint 2010, OCS, Lync and Hyper-V Deployments.